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Craig Air Force Base / Advanced Flying Training School

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Location: at the intersection of 5th Street and Avenue B, Selma, AL
County: Dallas
Coordinates: N 32° 21.577    W 086° 59.095
  32.35961666    -86.98491666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


On May 3. 1941, the largest flying field in the United States, military or civilian, opened its gates as a new unit of the Southeast Air Corps Training Center, where flying cadets received advanced schooling in the handling of multi-mile-a-minute pursuit planes. So it was the history of Craig Field began. It ended with the graduation of the UPT Class 77-08 on August 12, 1977, and the departure of the last official aircraft, a T-38 flown by Gen. John W. Roberts, commander of the Air Training Command. But in the 37 years and one week of its life, in excess of one million hours of flying time were logged, beginning with the AT-6 of 1941. including the T-37, and ending with the T-38. More than 30,000 students flew into the "wild blue yonder" from its runways. During aerial combat of World War II, Korea and Vietnam Craig graduates defended their country with valor. And there were many who touched the face of God.
The history of Craig Air Force Base is ended, but the pride and integrity of the 29th Flying Training Wing and its people live on.

End of Craig Air Force Base / Advanced Flying Training School