Historic Markers Across Alabama

Prosperity Cemetery

Marker ID: AHA 
County: Dallas
Waymark: None


Prosperity Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery is the resting place of many members of the church from 1846 until 1961. The Church was organized in 1822 by Isaac Grier. A church building stood on this site from 1844 until 1891, constructed on five acres of land donated by William Johnston. The cemetery includes the graves of two early pastors, Rev. James M. Young (1844-67) and Dr. James A. Lowry (1867-98). Dr. Lowry previously served as a Confederate chaplain. His is one of several veterans' graves in the cemetery, which also includes that of James Chisolm, who died June 16, 1864, as a result of wounds received at the Battle of Atlanta.

End of Prosperity Cemetery