Historic Markers Across Alabama

Alabama Christian College of Berry, Alabama

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Hwy 18 East, Berry, Alabama
County: Fayette
Waymark: None


Alabama Christian College of Berry was located on this site from 1912-1922. The College was coeducational and was composed of Primary, Intermediate, Academic, Collegiate, Music Expression and Art Departments. Emphasis was placed on the teaching of the Bible with every student attending a daily Bible class. In the advanced classes, Latin, Greek, French and Philosophy were offered, along with English, History and a complete business course. Members of the Church of Christ supported the school. Four presidents served the school during its existence: G.A. Dunn, J. Paul Hanlin, John T. Smithson and Hal P. McDonald. J.C. Shepherd of Berry was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Due to economic factors attributed to World War I, the school closed at the end of the 1922 session and the property was sold to the local school board.

End of Alabama Christian College of Berry, Alabama