Historic Markers Across Alabama

Old Town Slocomb

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Slocomb
County: Geneva
Waymark: None


Side 1:
In 1884, Young Frank Wheeler Slocomb pushed his way on horseback into the pine forested area west of Dothan where he established Slocomb Lumber Company and, with his brother Will, a naval store that produced sill, tar, rosin, turpentine, and pitch. Mr. Slocomb was active in his community and well liked. In 1901, when the Alabama Legislature designated the community as a town, it was named Slocomb.

Side 2:
Several historic businesses have shaped the downtown as it appears today. One of these on the Northeast corner of South Dalton and Slocomb Street is Dalton Pharmacy, established in 1903. Across the street on the Southeast corner, Harris Brothers Hardware has been a mainstay in Slocomb since 1925. Finally, to the Southwest, Segrest Gin and Mercantile store began in the early 1940s and remain today as historic sites in Slocomb along with those mentioned above.

End of Old Town Slocomb