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Beulah Baptist Church

Marker ID: AHA 
County: Greene
Waymark: None


Beulah Baptist Church
Organized February 23, 1833

Charter members were-Elizabeth Brooks, David S. Brooks, Thomas J. Drummond, Nancy Leatherwood, John Leopard, Albert M. Tandy, Matilda Tandy, Ralph Tandy, Luke Thornton, Sarah Thornton, Rev. Matthew Pickett Smith. The first building was of hewn logs but today, on the same property, are located the red brick sanctuary and educational rooms erected 1948. Rev. Matthew Pickett Smith served as pastor 1836-1881. The first Sunday School was organized 1877 with Thomas J. Nix serving as superintendent. Throughout the years, members have gone from this church to serve as leaders in various places.

End of Beulah Baptist Church