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Greene County Historical Society / Vaughn-Morrow House

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Greene
Waymark: None


Greene County Historical Society

The Greene County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, was established in 1960. The purpose of this society is to preserve our history and historical properties in Greene County. There are over forty residences and seven public buildings from the ante-bellum period and many others from the Victorian era in Eutaw. Each year the Society hosts a Tour of Homes the second weekend of October. This tour features at least four historic homes and several historic churches.

Vaughn-Morrow House

Iredell P. Vaughn, a tailor, built this house for his bride, Margaret R. Steele, in 1841. The Patton family gave the house and land for a memorial garden to the adjacent Presbyterian Church in the 1970s. The home was transferred to the Greene County Historical Society for restoration and upon completion became its headquarters. A room was added in honor of Roy Swayze, a member instrumental in the success of this and many other historical preservation projects.

End of Greene County Historical Society / Vaughn-Morrow House