Historic Markers Across Alabama

Newbern Baptist Church

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Newbern
County: Hale
Waymark: None


Side 1:
Church organized in 1848 by Rev. Thomas Chilton. Sanctuary stands as built in 1849 with original columns of solid poplar. Education building added in 1959. Baptist Historical Society has records of church's first 111 years on deposit in library of Howard College at Birmingham.

Newbern Baptist Church-Organized in April, 1848 by the Rev. Thomas Chilton, moderator; John R. Hendon, clerk; John G. Huckabee, Wm. F. Hendon, John Dial, Gray Huckabee, Thomas H. Croom, R. S. Tinker, C. C. Huckabee, L. A. Seawell, Mary A. Paul, Martha Huckabee, G. A. Huckabee, Maria Hendon, Hannah Hendon, Maria P. Hendon, Susan Hendon, Martha Donna Hendon, Elizabeth Driver, Martha Croon, and Mary Ann Tinker. Town bell, 500 feet south of this marker, has called all Newbern congregations to worship services since 1868 and also served as town fire bell.

Side 2:
Organized 1844 by North Carolinians who settled area in 1830's. Built in 1848, church typifies rural church architecture of "Old South." Building stands in near-original form: hand-hewn lumber joined with wooden pegs. Early membership included slaves who sat on benches flanking pulpit. Church always without resident minister but has monthly service, active church life.

Newbern Presbyterian Church-Organized November 16, 1844 under Presbytery of South Alabama by the Rev. Thomas Witherspoon and 21 charter members. Petition to Presbytery signed by T. A. Borden, Anne Borden, Wm. Ervin, Eliza Ervin, Mrs. Rebeccah Hanna, A. &. S. Hardin, Mrs. Martha Jenkins. Names of Croom, Tinker, Mendow, Pearce, and Huckabee also among charter members. Two women served on early Board of Elders contrary to Presbyterian rules of order.

End of Newbern Baptist Church