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Newville High School / Newville Rosenwald School

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: 220 North Broad Street, Newville, AL
County: Henry
Coordinates: N 31° 25.265    W 085° 20.167
  31.42108333    -85.33611666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMK62J


Newville High School

The first known school in Newville was at Center Church in 1881. When Grange Hall was built in 1891, church services and school were held on the first floor. In 1913, Grange Hall was torn down and the wood was used to build a school. Newville Public School became Newville Jr. High in 1920. In 1923, it was decided to build an up-to-date modern brick school. Newville High School was opened in 1929. The school building at Concord was moved to Newville in 1935. In 1936, the school building burned. A new structure was built with five rooms and a large auditorium. In 1938, the Works Progress Administration built the Vocational Building. When bathrooms were added in 1944, Newville School became one of the most modern buildings in Henry County. The Newville High School band was organized in 1961. In 1968, Newville High School was closed.

Newville Rosenwald School

It 1894, the first known black school in Newville was organized and a building was built. The Jacksonian Enterprise School opened in May of 1894. Parents and patrons financially supported this school. The school library contained more books than any school in this part of the country. The school grounds included Store's Grove, a circular grove of 104 oak trees with a 30-foot avenue running through the middle of it. Each tree was named in honor of a patron. In 1919, the Newville community requested assistance for the school. They received it from the Rosenwald Foundation. A new school was built and named Newville Rosenwald School. The Henry County Board of Education began to contribute to the finances of Newville Rosenwald School about 1922. During the late 1940's Newville Rosenwald School became a high school. It was about this time that the original school burned down and a new building was constructed. In 1968, Rosenwald High School was closed.

2010 by the Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of Newville.


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End of Newville High School / Newville Rosenwald School