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The Dothan

Marker ID: AHC 
Location: Dothan
County: Houston
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


Overse: "The Dothan"

"The Dothan", around which City National of Dothan's railroad branch was designed, was built by the Pullman Manufacturing Company in Pullman, Illinois, and was completed October 4, 1901. It was constructed for the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company as their business car no. 502 and named "Mount Vernon." In 1958 this business car was sold to the Georgia Northern Railroad Company and renamed "The Moultrie." It remained in use until 1973 when acquired by City National and renamed "The Dothan."

There are few railway business cars built at the turn of the century that are still in existence. The "Dothan" is a fine example of the craftsmanship and tradition established by the Pullman Company.

The depot and adjoining historic cars were dedicated as the City National Bank Railroad Branch on February 28, 1974.

Dothan and the Railroad

Much of Dothan, Alabama's early and subsequent growth is attributed to the railroad. Dothan was incorporated November 11, 1885. In 1889, the Alabama-Midland Railway became the first line through Dothan. By 1900, the population of Dothan had increased to 2,875 and ten years later to 10,034.

The railroad branch of City National Bank of Dothan was researched and assembled in an attempt to focus upon the significant role railroads have played in the early history and growth of Dothan.

(Erected 1981)

End of The Dothan