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Incorporation of Ashford / Ashford - a Unique Name

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: in a small park on North Broadway at Christmas Alley, Ashford, AL
County: Houston
Coordinates: N 31° 11.032    W 085° 14.147
  31.18386666    -85.23578333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMGY9R



Wishing to incorporate their small town of "Pine-Woods,” a group of men set off to Abbeville, Alabama to go before Probate Judge Dan Gordon on May 11, 1891. A petition was signed on that day, recorded and filed eight days later, and an election set for June 15th. Out of the 300-400 residents of the town, only 47 voted. The results indicated the vote was 100 percent in favor of the incorporation and Judge Gordon recorded that the town, now called Ashford, was invested in all rights of incorporation on June 22, 1891. He ordered that there be an election for one mayor and five councilmen. Although not officially recorded, a man by the name of R.R. (Bob) Adams was said to be the first mayor. There continues to be some dispute over whether or not he actually was the mayor or if a man named Mr. Watson accompanied him in the position of mayor of part of the town.


Many have wondered how the town of Ashford received its name and many still ponder this question today. Two versions have been told with the most popular being that Captain John T. Davis, who married the daughter of Dr. Ashford of Columbus, Georgia, named the town for his wife's family. Captain Davis owned a substantial amount of land and deeded many lots to the railroad system. The second story, recorded by the late W.E. Pate, stated that the town received its name because of the fords on the creeks where the wagons had to cross. There was a large ash tree by one of the fords where farmers placed a log across the creek, west of Ashford. When travelers would pass through and were asked where they crossed they would reply "At the Ash Ford." Whether or not one believes either of these versions, the town is still known by its unique name.

Erected by the Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of Ashford
September 2010

End of Incorporation of Ashford / Ashford - a Unique Name