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Union Army Headquarters

Marker ID: AHC 
County: Jackson
Waymark: None


Stevenson was a major supply station and staging ground for decisive campaigns and battles of the Civil War. This small house, called"The Little Brick,” was alive with activity when General William S. Rosecrans relocated his command here on August 18, 1863. Over the next three weeks, an air of urgency surrounded Stevenson and this house as Rosecrans planned the Union attack on Confederate General Braxton Bragg at Chattanooga.

While headquartered at The Little Brick, Rosecrans and his staff planned the federal army's pontoon bridge crossing of the Tennessee River; telegraphed requests for additional locomotives; dispatched reconnaissance missions; ordered shipments of food, mules, weapons and other supplies; and attended to many other plans for attack. Rosecrans was joined here by, among others, General James A. Garfield and General Ulysses S. Grant, both future Presidents of the United States. General William T. Sherman is known to have been nearby and may have visited here, too.

After the war ended, The Little Brick returned to a quieter, more peaceful role in Stevenson's life, becoming a favorite abode of newlyweds, even into the mid-20th Century.

(Listed on The National Register of Historic Places 7/12/1978)

End of Union Army Headquarters