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Skyline School

Marker ID: AHC 
County: Jackson
Waymark: None


The Skyline School was built as part of the Skyline Farms Project, a self-help program that the United States government conducted in 1934-1945 for unemployed farmers. Started by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the program loaned selected farmers and their families a house, operating funds, and 40 to 60 acres to farm. As part of the effort to create a model community, government officials wanted to provide an education for the children of the project. Nationally known landscape architect William Kessler designed the school and grounds, using native sandstone in the construction. The school opened in 1938. Educators at Skyline introduced new educational ideas to the state, such as individualized instruction for students and grades based on students' tested abilities. Workers from the Special Skills Office, such as folk song collector Bascom Lunsford and director Nicholas Ray, conducted various programs at the school.

Listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. This marker erected by the Jackson County Historical Association in 2002.

End of Skyline School