Historic Markers Across Alabama

City of Fairfield

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Fairfield, AL
County: Jefferson
Waymark: None


The City of Fairfield, originally Corey, Alabama, was established in 1910 as an industrial"new town.”

In 1907, Tennessee Coal & iron Company (TCI) was acquired by US Steel as part of their expansion into the Birmingham District. Their proposed wire manufacturing facility in Possum Valley attracted the interest of local businessmen and in 1909, US Steel Board Chairman, Elbert H. Gary, met with W.P.G. Harding, President of Birmingham's First National Bank. Later that year they formed the Corey Land Company, named in honor of US Steel's second president W.E. Corey, to create a new town associated with the new mill.

Once the land was acquired, the developers explored the latest and best examples of industrial towns and recruited landscape architect/town planner George H. Miller of Boston to design Corey. His concepts worked with the topography, the most up-to-date infrastructure and included a major focal point, the Plaza, as heart of the civic downtown. By mid-year, 1910, initial sales began and Corey was born. Under the name, Fairfield, the town was incorporated January 1, 1919.

End of City of Fairfield