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Hueytown And The Alabama Gang

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Hueytown, AL
County: Jefferson
Waymark: None


Side 1:
During the early 1800's, members of the Huey family took pioneering steps toward establishing the community that would eventually become the City of Hueytown.

On May 6, 1960, the City of Hueytown was officially incorporated under a Mayor/Council form of government. The original Charter established basic city services and created both Police and Fire Departments. Later upgrades included Rescue and other services.

Hueytown is located in the Southwest corner of Jefferson County. It is approximately 15 miles from Birmingham.

The Hueytown community consists of 18,500 residents and covers 32 square miles.

In years past, the citizens of Hueytown contributed their productivity to our country's coal and steel-making industries. Today, the economy of Hueytown is founded upon hardworking families engaged in a variety of white and blue-collar occupations.

Hueytown has achieved most of its national acclaim from its achievements and distinction of being home to NASCAR legends.

Our citizens' faith, hard work, education, and community pride will ensure that Hueytown will continue to grow as a leader among municipalities within Jefferson County.

Side 2:
The City of Hueytown is extremely proud to be the Home of NASCAR's living legends - The Alabama Gang.

The original members were Red Farmer who has won over 750 features and is still running dirt tracks. Bobby Allison has 85 NASCAR wins, while Donnie Allison has 10 Winston Cup wins. These members were later joined by Neil Bonnett who won 18 Winston Cup victories and Davey Allison who won 19 Winston cup victories.

This"Gang” remains the most successful and popular group known to racing. Because of the honor and recognition that The Alabama Gang has brought to Hueytown, the city has named streets after these legends. We have the Allison-Bonnett Memorial Parkway and Red Farmer Drive.

The original Alabama Gang enjoyed a reunion at the South Florida Fair on Monday, January 26, 2009 . What a celebration!

Words that best describe The Alabama Gang are - Determined, Dedicated, Awesome and Talented winners. They are just good Hueytown Boys whether on or off the track. More importantly, they belong to us.
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