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Town of Cardiff

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Cardiff
County: Jefferson
Waymark: None


Side 1:
The town of Cardiff, Alabama has a long, rich history. Situated along the winding picturesque banks of Five Mile Creek, the area of present-day Cardiff was originally settled in the 1830s by the Crocker family. According to historian Martha Mulkin, who recorded Cardiff's history in the book"Cardiff Family Circles,” Isaac Price from Wales and James Williamson from Scotland began the development of the area as a coal mining endeavor in the 1880s as the Crocker family sold their interests in the area. As iron and steel industry became king in Birmingham's Industrial District, Cardiff's coal mines blossomed and became increasingly instrumental in supplying the hungry blast furnaces in Birmingham. Price and Williamson wrote to friends and family in Wales offering them jobs. The town was renamed Cardiff in honor of Cardiff, Wales. In a few short years, Cardiff boasted several hundred families from across Europe. From Scotland came the Stewarts, Woodfords from Wales, Negrons from France, and the Tombrellos from Sicily.

Side 2:
As Europeans immigrated into Cardiff, they brought with them the love of soccer. They formed the Cardiff Primrose Club and in 1898 won the Alabama Foot Ball Association Cup. Since 1957, a photograph of this winning team has been on display inside the town hall along with a photograph of the 1913-1914 team. Among Cardiff's notable sports stars is Frenchie Negron who was the State of Alabama bicycling champion just after the turn of the 20th century. In addition to sports figures, Cardiff's mayor's post has been well served by the likes of men such as Adam Stewart, Charlie Country and Joseph Country."JoBo” Country not only served his hometown, but fought for democracy abroad as a World War II soldier, serving with the Thunderbolt Division that freed the Buchenwald camp and fought at the Battle of the Bulge.

Erected by the Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of Cardiff
May 2010

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