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Beehive Coke Oven Memorial

Marker ID:  
Location: 950 Central Avenue, Fultondale, AL
County: Jefferson
Coordinates: N 33° 35.760    W 086° 47.898
  33.596    -86.7983
Style: Carved Stone **
Waymark: WMDE0K


In the 1830s the banks along Jefferson County's Five Mile Creek exploded with coal mines and mining camps. Uniquely situated, the Birmingham Industrial District was one of the only places in the world where the necessary components for iron and steel production – iron ore, limestone, and coal – were centrally located. Coal was crushed, washed, and then baked in the beehive ovens to remove impurities leaving a nearly pure form of carbon, the fuel that ran Birmingham's iron furnaces and steel mills.

Constructed between 1889 and 1910 from locally quarried stone and lined with fire brick, three rows of beehive ovens wrapped around the Lewisburg hillside. The ovens were replaced in the 1920s by a modern facility in North Birmingham.


Fultondale's Beehive Coke Oven Memorial is a four-sided, 8 to 9 feet tall cast iron sculpture located at the edge of the sports park in front of Fultondale Middle School.

End of Beehive Coke Oven Memorial