Historic Markers Across Alabama

Heritage Park

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: on Wheeler Street, Rogersville, Alabama
County: Lauderdale
Coordinates: N 34° 49.545    W 087° 17.687
  34.82575    -87.29478333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMJ7DZ


Side 1:
The settlement of what is now eastern Lauderdale County (known as"Over Elk”) by non-Native Americans commenced by 1807. Federal land sales were held in Huntsville during the spring of 1818. Although much of the land was described as a"howling wilderness,” there was a rush to buy. Records of these sales show purchasers were Samuel Burney, Andrew Rodgers, Archibald Fuqua and dozens more. Andrew Rodgers bought 79 acres in what became the downtown business district and as a trading center, the village became known as Rodgersville.

Businesses were set up at this site because of the three thoroughfares that intersected. One followed an old Indian trail which extended from what is now Florence to present-day Huntsville - this became U.S. Highway 72. Another led to a shallow ford across Elk River - this road is now called Snake Road. The third was between Giles County, Tennessee and the Tennessee River - it was the route known today as Lamb's Ferry Road. Heritage Park was built at the SW corner of this intersection.

Side 2
Worship services by non-native settlers were recorded to have been first held at a brush arbor one half mile to the west, at the site now known as Liberty Cemetery, during 1818. By 1828, Rodgersville had numerous general merchandise stores, blacksmith shops, saddle and harness makers, a stagecoach inn/tavern and more.

During the 1900s, the U.S. Post Office Department dropped the"d”…changing Rodgersville to Rogersville. Researchers have not been able to determine why this was done. It is apparent to see that the earlier settlers"could not have selected a more correct spot had they been able to rise about the thickly wooded acres and view from above the beautiful Elk River joining the mighty Tennessee and meandering towards its northern union with the Ohio.”

2008 marked the 150th Anniversary of Incorporation for Rogersville as a municipality, but Rogersville's history goes back to ancient times when native people and their prehistoric ancestors thrived in the region due to the rivers, creeks and abundant wildlife.

End of Heritage Park