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McMahon House

Marker ID: AHC 
County: Lawrence
Waymark: None


Built about 1830 for merchant Joseph Trotter, this house was purchased in 1838 by John J. McMahon, a Virginia-born cotton factor who divided his time between Courtland and New Orleans. The house remained the home of McMahon's descendants for nearly 150 years. John McMahon's wife, Harriet, was the daughter of Dr. Jack Shackelford, who in 1836 organized a military company, the Courtland "Red Rovers," to fight for Texas independence. Donated by the family to the Alabama Historical Commission in 1987, the house was privately restored under protective covenant. The McMahon house is a notable example of the Federal-period architecture brought to this area by early settlers from the Atlantic seaboard.

Erected by the Alabama Historical Commission

End of McMahon House