Historic Markers Across Alabama

"My Opelika"

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Lee
Waymark: None



My Opelika is...
Rich in its heritage with a vision for the future.
A place where dogwoods once lined 10th Street.
A proud community of the South which cherishes its Southern roots and traditions.
A place where music and the arts are just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.
A place where the sweetest smell is the aroma of fresh baked bread in the air as you ride down the road.
A place where life still revolves around family.
A place where neighbors still help neighbors and people still greet strangers with a friendly "hello" and a smile.
A multi-cultural community where people from all walks of life are welcome to live and belong.
A place where faith runs as deep as the natural springs right here beneath us.
A place where the character traits of honesty, respect, accountability, and being polite to others still mean a great deal.
The high point of East Alabama.


I remember…
When you spent your allowance at Woolsworth and Elmores.
When you made a trip to the ice house before you could make homemade ice cream.
Shopping at Montgomery Fair, The Diana and Eleanor Shop.
Getting your first baseball glove at Jack Moore's Sports Shop.
Having breakfast at the Corner Café and lunch at Haynie's.
As a child, taking the train from Opelika to Chicago to visit grandparents without parents along.
Seeing 'Herbie the Love Bug' and 'The Green Berets' at the Martin Theater.
Trying on your first pair of Chuck Taylor High Tops at Koplan's Shoe Store.
Looking at toys upstairs at Humphries and Western Auto.
Buying your first 45 at Miller Music.
Painting on the windows at Halloween.
Being measured for a suit at Hollingsworth, Norman and Stern.
Shopping the sales in the basement of Hagedorn's.
Buying groceries at the Big Apple, A&P and KwikChek and having someone carry them out and load them in your car.
Saving up S&H Green Stamps and going to the Green Stamp store.
When the library was in the basement of City Hall.
When a trip to town was a special treat.

End of "My Opelika"