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Shady Grove Christian Church

Marker ID: HCC 
County: Lee
Waymark: None


Organized November 15, 1846, as the Church of Christ at Shady Grove, under the New Covenant of 2nd Corinthians, 3rd chapter, agreeing to believe all the New Testament teaches, and to obey all its injunctions to best of their capacity and submit to the Laws of Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church in all things. Signed by 51 charter members, William P. Allen, as moderator and D. G. Reeves as clerk. The sanctuary was built circa 1890. Circa 1910, a baptistery was constructed across the road; water being supplied from a nearby spring.

Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and Shady Grove Christian Church, 1996.

End of Shady Grove Christian Church