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Mooresville, Alabama

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Limestone
Waymark: None


Mooresville Post Office, c. 1840

The Mooresville Post Office is the oldest operational post office in the state of Alabama and has served the community from the same building since its construction of sawmill lumber in 1840. The mailboxes and office furnishings are even older, having been transferred from the original post office in the Stagecoach Tavern. The mailboxes are numbered 1 - 48, and some families have had the same box numbers for several generations. The building is owned and maintained by the Town of Mooresville.

Mooresville, Alabama Incorporated November 16, 1818

Mooresville Stagecoach Inn and Tavern, c. 1820

The Stagecoach Inn and Tavern was built c. 1820 and served as the post office before the current post office was constructed around 1840. An Act of Congress on March 13, 1818 authorized mail delivery to and from neighboring Huntsville and necessitated the establishment of a post office in Mooresville. A road was built between the two towns, and horse and rider carried mail. The Stagecoach Inn and Tavern was listed on Tanner's Post Map of 1825 with supper priced at "2 bits." The original post office was located on the right side of the building, and mail may have been deposited and received through the small window. This window also may have been used for the after-hours sale of liquor. The first floor was used as a common room with an outside stairway leading to two sleeping rooms on the second floor. The Stagecoach Tavern is currently used as a museum and the official town hall.

Mooresville, Alabama Incorporated November 16, 1818

End of Mooresville, Alabama