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Town of Hayneville

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Lowndes
Waymark: None


In the 1820s, Hayneville in Lowndes County, was known as "Big Swamp: for a nearby creek. It 1830, after being chosen as the county seat, it was named Hayneville for Robert Y. Hayne, governor of South Carolina and a U.S. Senator. The incorporation of Hayneville as a town began with the desire and vision of 25 qualified electors of the county and residents of the Hayneville community in July 1967. These men and woman had a vision for the thriving town. Two subsequent attempts were made in incorporation, the last resulting in favor of incorporation. Only one person filed for a statement of candidacy and was nominated for the office of Mayor and five places on the Town Council. Therefore, due to the completion of the requirements for Incorporation, the court declared on July 15, 1968, by Probate Judge Harold Hammond, that Hayneville was completely incorporated and the following people held their respective offices until the next regular election and until their successors were qualified and elected.

Mayor: L. W. Crocker

Town Council:

J. A. Jackson

W.M. Holladay

L. R. Haigler

J. A. Wise

R. V. Harrell

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Town of Hayneville


Established 1968


City of Progress
Macon County

End of Town of Hayneville