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Ghost Structures

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Location: 1616 Chappie James Avenue, Tuskegee, AL
County: Macon
Coordinates: N 32° 27.427    W 085° 40.853
  32.45711666    -85.68088333
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Ghost Structures

The Cadet House and the Army Supply Building provided much-needed space when training operations expanded in 1942 and 1943. The Cadet House also held a cadet classroom and waiting room, a coat room, and the Flight Surgeon's Office. The Army Supply Building held supplies for Moton Field, including parts for the airplanes.

The National Park Service follows strict guidelines when considering reconstruction of historic buildings. When construction drawings, photographs, or other sources are insufficient for accurate reconstruction, buildings are "ghosted" by outlining the dimensions of the original structure. Ghosting provides a general idea of a building's appearance.

{Photo caption}
1942 photo shows training aircraft parked
beyond the area where Cadet House and Army
Supply Building will be built. The Army Air Corps
provided one trainer for every ten cadets.

National Park Service, Department of the Interior.


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