Historic Markers Across Alabama

Glenwood Cemetery

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Hall Ave. at Cemetery St., Huntsville, AL
County: Madison
Waymark: None


Side 1:
Glenwood Cemetery replaced the original slave cemetery known as "Georgia," which had been established in 1818 and located north of the present Huntsville Hospital. Glenwood Cemetery was established in 1870 by the City of Huntsville following the purchase of 10 acres from Benjamin W. Blake estate, originally a part of the John Brahan Plantation. Additional land was added in 1875 from the W. W. Darwin family, resulting in the current configuration. Distinguished African Americans buried here include veterans of America's wars beginning with the Civil War, former slaves, accomplished artisans, professionals in many fields, clergymen, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other leaders.

Side 2:
Early Community Leaders Buried Here Include:
Henry C. Binford, Educator
Daniel S. Brandon, Alderman
William H. Gaston, Clergyman
Charles Hendley, Jr., Editor, Huntsville Gazette
C. C. Moore, Postman
Burgess E. Scruggs, Physician

End of Glenwood Cemetery