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Joseph J. Bradley School / Merrimack Mfg. Co. & Village

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Triana Blvd., Huntsville, AL
County: Madison
Coordinates: N 34° 42.186    W 086° 36.557
  34.7031    -86.60928333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Joseph J. Bradley School

The School, named for Joseph J. Bradley, Sr., was built in 1919 on the site of the first mill-sponsored school. Under the leadership of Edward Foyl DuBose, Principal (1921-1967), and with the mill's financial support, the school grew from 6 grades to 12 and served as a social and recreational center for the entire community. In 1951, the mill owners made a gift of the school to the county school system and, in 1956, it became part of the city school system. The elementary school continued operating until it was closed in 1967.

Merrimack Mfg. Co. & Village

In 1899, construction started on Merrimack Mill and village. The mill began operation in 1900. A second mill building, added in 1903, made it one of the largest in the South. Under Joseph J. Bradley, Sr., managing agent (1905-1922), the village grew to 279 houses, a hospital, school, company store, and other small businesses. In 1920, the steam-operated mills converted to electricity. Lowenstein fabrics bought the mill (1946), changed its name to Huntsville Mfg. Co., and the village became Huntsville Park. The mill continued to operate until 1989 and in 1992, Huntsville's last operating textile mill was torn down.

End of Joseph J. Bradley School / Merrimack Mfg. Co. & Village