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Historical Pikeville

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: on U.S. 278 at milepost 66, 0.2 miles north of Road 2, Guin, AL
County: Marion
Coordinates: N 34° 2.422    W 087° 57.154
  34.04036666    -87.95256666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Historical Pikeville
County Seat of Marion County
—1820-1882 —

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Pikeville, designated as the first permanent county seat for Marion County, lies along General Andrew Jackson's Military Road. Earlier temporary county seats were mostly along the Tombigbee River in what was Mississippi when the Alabama state line was confirmed. Pikeville was gradually abandoned when the county seat was moved to Hamilton in 1882. The community cemetery remains south of Marion County Road No. 2. The two-story home east of the highway was the courthouse of the 1820's where two original benches are yet preserved. The house was modified to become the home of Probate Judge John Dabney Terrell in 1859. Court House Square was located north of the Terrell home and family cemetery. Both are located along Jackson's Military Road.

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Map of Pikeville, Alabama (with legend)
Court town in 1820's - 1830's
About 15 families
( 50 - 70 people )
in 1830

End of Historical Pikeville