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The Mobile Bar Association - Alabama's First Bar Association

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Location: on Government Street east of South Conception Street, Mobile, Alabama
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 41.384    W 088° 2.5
  30.68973333    -88.04166666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


On March 29, 1869, 32 attorneys organized the Mobile Bar Association, the first bar association in Alabama and the 14th oldest bar association in the entire nation. They filed the Association's Declaration of Incorporation on April 12, 1869, having contributed $5,000.00 in capital, and established a law library in the City of Mobile.

Original Members:

P. Hamilton • Thos. A. Hamilton • Henry St. Paul • Thos. N. Macartney • H. Austill • Robt. H. Smith • Wm. G. Jones • Thos. H. Price • Thomas E. Herndon • D.C. Anderson • M.E. Macartney • Hugh L. Cole • E.S. Dargan • D.P. Bestor • L. Gibbons • A.R. Manning • George A. Stewart • W.C. Easton • G.Y. Overall • R. Inge Smith • Percy Walker • J. Little Smith • M.B. Jones • A.M. Granger • Jno A. Tompkins • W. Boyles • G. Horton • A.E. Buck • James Bond • Harry T. Toulmin • James Gillette • C.F. Moulton

Dedicated in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the founding this 15th day of April, 1999

Erected 1999 by Alabama State Bar.

End of The Mobile Bar Association - Alabama's First Bar Association