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An Unheralded Breed of Soldier

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Location: 2703 Battleship Parkway, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 40.996    W 088° 1.054
  30.68326666    -88.01756666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Let all who read these words of gratitude and praise know that tens of thousands of America's fighting men and women owe their lives to the deeds and courage of war dogs and their handlers. Further, let it be known that many breeds of dogs, large and small, served our nation in times of war. All going into harm's way with distinction and valor-unhesitating.

Let us not forget these unsung heros are soldiers, too. These valiant dogs protect our military men and women through countless perils, give comfort in uncertainty, and share the suffering and the risks in time of war. Over the decades, many of these dogs have made the supreme sacrifice giving their own lives to shield our armed forces and military assets from hostile acts.

Canines in the armed services continue that noble tradition around the world today.

This monument is dedicated by the patriotic people of Alabama for all to bear witness in remembrance to those faithful dogs and their Alabama Handlers. Those who leave this place should remember the deeds and sacrifices of these four-legged soldiers. Furthermore, see in every dog the unconditional loyalty inherent in war dogs and glimpse a reflection of their soldier-brothers' heroic actions.

These teams unhesitatingly flight for right and for our nation's freedoms. Lest we forget, we should hold them dear in our hearts and honor their courage.
Freddie Lee Johnson U.S. Army 12-07-1966 Vietnam
James Oliver White U.S. Army 01-22-1968 Vietnam
Charles Douglas Drysdale U.S.M.C. 01-26-1969 Vietnam
Clarence Creaghead U.S. Army 05-22-1969 Vietnam
James C. Tosh, III U.S. Army 08-21-1969 Vietnam
William Allison Anderson U.S. Army 11-06-1969 Vietnam
Carter Parker Jr., U.S. Army 10-24-1979 Vietnam

End of An Unheralded Breed of Soldier