Historic Markers Across Alabama

United States Ship Alabama (BB-60)

Marker ID:  
Location: 2703 Battleship Parkway, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 40.898    W 088° 0.877
  30.68163333    -88.01461666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Named for the State of Alabama.
6th naval fighting ship to bear the name.
Built by the Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Authorized by Congress 27 March 1934.

Keel laid 1 February 1940 – Launched 16 February 1942.
Sponsored by Mrs. Lister Hill, wife of Senator Lister Hill of Alabama.
Commissioned 16 August 1942 – Decommissioned 9 January 1947.
Total miles steamed – 217,000.

World War II Record
Fleet Assignments:
U.S. Atlantic Fleet - August 1942 – April 1943
British Home Fleet – May 1942 – August 1943
U.S. Pacific Fleet: September 1943 – September 1945

[Battle Stars for major operations indicated by: * ]
With British Home Fleet, including Norway invasion feint, May-August 1943
*Gilbert Islands Operation, November-December 1943*Bombardment of Nauru Island December 1943 *Marshall Islands Operation, January-February 1944
Bombardment of Kwajalein Atoll January 1944
*Asiatic–Pacific raids, February-May 1944
*Truk and Marianas attacks, February 1944
*Palau, Yap, Ulithi and Wolei Raids, March 1944
Bombardment of Ponape Island, May 1944
*Hollandia Operation April 1944
*Marianas Operation April 1944
Bombardment of Saipan Island June 1944
Battle of Philippine Sea (“Marianas Turkey Shoot”) June 1944
Palau, Yap and Ulithi Raids July 1944
*Western Caroline Islands Operation August-October 1944
Capture and occupation of Southern Palau Islands September-October 1944
* Leyte Operation October-December 1944
3rd Fleet supporting operations, Okinawa attack October 1944
Luzon raids and support of Mindoro landing November – December 1944
*Okinawa Gunto Operation, May-June 1945
Air Strikes on Tokyo Plains, Northern Honshu, Hokkaido, July-August 1945
Bombardment of Hitachi, Honshu July 1945
Bluejacket Company in 3rd Fleet Naval Landing Force, Yokosuka, September 1945
Anchored in Tokyo Bay September 5, 1945

Damage Inflicted on Enemy:
Over 1250 16-inch projectiles fired during shore bombardments
22 planes shot down during attacks on our Carrier Task Forces

Damage Received from Enemy:

History Since End of World War II
Unit of U.S. Pacific Fleet September 1945 – March 1946
Unit of U.S. 19th Reserve Fleet April-December 1946
Out of commission, in reserve January 1947 – June 1964
Transferred to the State of Alabama 11 June 1964
Sailed Seattle under tow 21 July 1964
Transited Panama Canal 26 August 1964 Arrived Mobile (total miles towed, 5600) 14September 1964 Dedicated and opened to visitors 9 January 1965

Erected 1965 by U.S.S. Alabama Battleship Commission.

End of United States Ship Alabama (BB-60)