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The Comic Cowboys of Mobile

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Location: intersection of Civic Center Dr and South Claiborne St, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 41.232    W 088° 2.632
  30.6872    -88.04386666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


The Comic Cowboys of Mobile
A Mardi Gras Street Parade Society

This marker commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the founding in Mobile of the Comic Cowboys, a Mardi Gras society believed to be unique in all the world. For a century, it has annually fulfilled its mission by using the art of caricature, the finesse of satire and the devastation of outrageous slap-stick to amuse and inform the public of the human frailties of the people, the products and the politics affecting their lives...and always

"Without Malice"

This plaque is dedicated to the memory of the society's originator, founder and its first chief cowpoke, Dave Levi.

1884 1984

End of The Comic Cowboys of Mobile