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Vivian Malone Jones

Marker ID: AAHT 
Location: 758 St. Anthony St, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 41.491    W 088° 3.235
  30.69151666    -88.05391666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Vivian Malone Jones
July 15, 1942 - October 13, 2005

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On May 30, 1965, Vivian Malone, became the first African-American to graduate from the University of Alabama. To achieve admission at the all-White university, she was forced to confront then Governor, George C. Wallace, in what has become known as "The Stand at the Schoolhouse Door." Supported by President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the National Guard, she and James Hood enrolled on June 11, 1963. Vivian's courage, tenacity, self-confidence and intelligence enabled her to overcome extraordinary obstacles, culminating in her historic graduation.

Mrs. Vivian Malone Jones' career began with the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C. She was a national advocate and spokesperson for Civil Rights, Environmental and Social Justice, Voter's Rights and Women's Health Initiatives. The Vivian Malone Jones Endowed Scholarship for Diversity is awarded annually to a deserving student at the University of Alabama.

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Born in Monroe County, Alabama and a graduate of Central High School in Mobile, Mrs. Jones gave the commencement address to the 2000 graduating class of the University of Alabama during which she orated:

"There will come a day in your life when you must act for others, your family, perhaps your community, and you must be ready! So, take from all the books you have read, all the lessons you have learned, the certain knowledge that one day, any day, you must be bold, have courage and walk through a door that leads to opportunity for others."

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