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Union Baptist Church / Founders of Union Baptist Church

Marker ID: AAHT 38
Location: 506 Bay Bridge Rd, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 43.92    W 088° 3.597
  30.732    -88.05995
Waymark: None


Union Baptist

Organized in 1869 as the Old Landmark Baptist Church by Rev. Henry McCrea and the following survivors of the slave ship, Clotilda: Pollee Allen, Rose Allen, Katie Cooper, Anna Keeby, Ossa Keeby, Josephina Lee, Peter Lee, Charles Lewis, Celia Lewis, Cudjo Lewis, Zuma Livingstone, and Clara Turner. The first pastor was Henry Watson. The Church evolved from historic Stone Street Baptist Church and was built on the location known as the Praying Ground. In 1903, it was renamed Union Baptist Church, a sanctuary was constructed in 1918 and served as the first school for Magazine Point, presently known as Africa Town. Final renovation was in 1955. The African roots continue to nourish the spirit of this community.

Founders of Union Baptist Church

Allen, Pollee • Pollee/Kupollee • Yoruba
Allen, Rose
Cooper, Katie • Monabee/Omalabi • Yoruba
Keeby, Anna
Keeby, Ossa •     • Hausa
Lee, Josaphina
Lee, Peter • Gumpa • Fon
Lewis, Celia • Abila/Abile • Yoruba
Lewis, Charles • Oloualay/Oluale • Yoruba
Lewis, Cudjo • Kazoola/Kossola • Yoruba
Livingston, Zuma • Ar-Zuma • Nupe
Turner, Clara • Abache • Yoruba

The African-American Heritage Trail of Mobile.

Photographs of the marker can be found on HMDB.org

End of Union Baptist Church / Founders of Union Baptist Church