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How Big was the Original Fort Condé?

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Location: 150 South Royal St, Mobile, AL
County: Mobile
Coordinates: N 30° 41.334    W 088° 2.389
  30.6889    -88.03981666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


How Big was the Original Fort Condé?

Since colonial rulers were unable to attract large numbers of settlers to Mobile, the Port City's population remained small and never grew above 500. Because the majority of Mobile's population was military personnel, the city was built around the fort and it became the focal point or town center for the Greater Mobile Bay area. Differences and errors in some maps made in Europe during the three colonial periods make accurate measurements of the original fort difficult. However, a good estimate can be made using the 1763 British Pittman Map of Mobile.

Researchers believe that the Pittman Map remains one of the most accurate maps of the town and fort of Mobile. Sometimes referred to as a square, standard, or star design, Fort Condé measured about 90,000 square feet or 2 acres on the inside, and covered approximately 490,000 square feet or 11 acres of land on the outside if one includes the outer earthworks and defenses leading up to the fort structure. If the full size fort was present today, it would take up large sections of Church, Royal, Government, St. Emanuel, and Theatre Streets in downtown Mobile.

Marker erected by the Museum of Mobile.

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