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Thompson House / Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Montgomery, AL
County: Montgomery
Waymark: None


Thompson House
401 Madison Avenue

Built in Tuskegee, Alabama, a small market town and education center, the house reflects prosperity, changing tastes and optimism of the 1850s. Judge Thomas S. Tate incorporated three distinct styles in the construction of his home. Columns indicate lasting interest in Greek Revival, decorative brackets and ventilator covers denote the Italianate, while the side porches sport fanciful steamboat Gothic latticed arches. Front column capitals are classical Temple of Wind while rear columns depict vernacular, regional ideas. Interior shows environmental concerns with transverse halls to catch any summer breeze, and small rooms easily heated by fireplaces in winter.

Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center

House occupied from 1880s for next hundred years by W.P. Thompson and his family. In 1980, bank acquired property, sold house to Georgian who carefully dismantled it with hopes of restoring it as his home. Unable to do so, in 1987 he sold elements to Landmarks Foundation which reerected the house on this site, with support and encouragement of the Montgomery mayor and with grant from Montgomery Kiwanis Club. Meticulous care given restoration, including remoulding ornate plaster, graining, marbleizing and furnishing parlors. Landmarks Board and local architect carried out project. Chamber of Commerce opened Visitor Information Center in 1991.

End of Thompson House / Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center