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Jonesville Community

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: On Old Pike Rd north of Cedar Pines Rd, Mathews, AL
County: Montgomery
Coordinates: N 32° 12.751    W 086° 02.994
  32.21251666    -86.0499
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMJ3H5


Side 1:
The Jonesville Community on Old Pike Road in Mathews was designated by the Montgomery County Commission on October 16, 2007 to honor the life and legacy of Prince Albert Jones Sr. and his family to the community. Jones was born and reared in the area and devoted much of his nearly 92 years of life to caring for his family and tending the needs of others in the community. As a customer hay farmer, he supported his family and many of his neighbors with crops he planted. He used his resources (tractors, balers, trucks and other farm equipment and transportation) to help others cultivate their crops and get them to market. He also cared for several of the local cemeteries in the area including New Jerusalem (on the grounds of the old Margaret Beard Elementary School and Gilmer Cemetery in nearby Pike Road where he and many of his family members are buried.

Side 2:
Jones was concerned about the rights of the common man and believed deeply in civil and voting rights. As a voting rights pioneer, Jones was one of the first African Americans in Montgomery County to become a registered voter. He also helped and inspired numerous others to become registered voters. Prince Albert Jones was one of 15 children. He and his wife Essie also reared 15 children. Prince and Essie strongly valued Christian living, education and hard work, in that order. They took the Booker T. Washington approach to living when it came to their children, teaching them the importance of working with their minds and their hands. Several of their children obtained college degrees and pursued careers as school teachers, government and railroad workers, mechanics and business owners. Jones touched many lives and was an inspiration to those young and old, black and white.

End of Jonesville Community