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Camp Sheridan

Marker ID:  
Location: on Johnson Avenue east of Lower Wetumpka Road, Montgomery, Alabama
County: Montgomery
Coordinates: N 32° 25.591    W 086° 16.981
  32.42651666    -86.28301666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Side 1:
From Division Headquarters, located at this point from August 1917 to May 1918, was directed the training of the Thirty Seventh Division, National Guard Troops of Ohio, for Service in the World War.

The Relief map below indicates the locations of the various units of the Division while in Camp Sheridan.

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1• HDQRS. 37th. Div.
2• TN. HDQRS. & M.P.
3• 112th FLD. SIG. BN.
4• 112th. SAN. TN.
A• 145th. INF.
B• 146th. INF.
C• 134th. M.G. BN.
D• 135th. M.G. BN.
E• 136th. M.G. BN.
F• HDQRS. 73rd. INF. BRIG.
G• 147th. INF.
H• 148th. INF.
I• HDQRS. 74th. INF. BRIG.
K• 1st. Ohio INF.
L• 2nd. Ohio INF.
M• 7th. Ohio INF.
N• 9th. BN. Ohio INF.
P• Field Bakeries
Q• Hospital
R• 112th. TM. BTRY
S• 136th. F. A.
T• 135th. F. A.
U• 134th. F. A.
V• 112th. AM. TN.
W• 112th. Sup. TN.
X• 112th. ENGRS.
Y• 112th. ENGR. TN.
Z• Supply Warehouses

Side 2:
This monument, fashioned from native Ohio stone taken from the quarry from which the material was secured for the erection of Ohio's Historic Statehouse, is set here in the soil of Alabama by the members of the 37th Division Veterans Association, and dedicated to the Spirit of Unity which animated the people of Both States in the hour of impending conflict.

Dedicated November 11, 1931

Erected 1931 by 37th Division Veterans Association.

End of Camp Sheridan