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Montgomery County Circuit Court

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Washington Ave and S Perry St, Montgomery, AL
County: Montgomery
Coordinates: N 32° 22.571    W 086° 18.380
  32.37618333    -86.30633333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMRMZ5


Montgomery County Circuit Court
Site of Major Civil Rights Cases 1956-1960

In 1956, 89 persons were indicted for violating an anti-boycott law; Rosa Parks' conviction was appealed; the Montgomery Improvement Association car pool was enjoined; and Fred D. Gray was accused of legal misrepresentation (actions in all 4 cases ended with the successful end of the boycott). In 1957, the NAACP was banned from Alabama (later overturned). In 1960, black Alabama State College and white MacMurray College (IIlinois) students were jailed for eating together at the Regal Cafe, and a white and a black student were arrested for attempted desegregation of the Jefferson Davis Hotel; all convictions in these cases were reversed. Also in 1960, local black ministers were sued for libel in the case that resulted in the landmark 1964 Times v. Sullivan ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, and Martin Luther King Jr. was acquitted by an all white jury in a tax case. African American lawyers arguing cases in the courts here included attorneys Fred D. Gray, Charles Langford, Solomon Seay Jr., Charles Conley, Orzell Billingsley Peter Hall, Arthur Shores and Robert Carter.

Montgomery Improvement Association,
Alabama Historical Association.

End of Montgomery County Circuit Court