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Rainbow Soldier

Marker ID: UDC 
Location: 210 Water Street, Montgomery, AL
County: Montgomery
Coordinates: N 32° 22.839    W 086° 18.817
  32.38065    -86.31361666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


Rainbow Soldier
Rainbow Division - Croix Rouge Farm - 167th Alabama Infantry Regiment - July 26, 1918


On August 28, 1917, 3,677 Alabama National Guardsmen departed
from Montgomery's Union Station for shipment to France as the
167th United States Infantry Regiment of the Rainbow Divison.

Serving in the 84th Brigade, with their sister regiment,
the 168th of Iowa, they distinguished themselves in four operations:

Champagne - Marne | Oise - Aisne | St. Mihiel | Meuse - Argonne

and especially at the battle of Croix Rouge Farm and at the the capture
of Côte de Châtillon under the leadership of Douglas MacArthur who later wrote:

"Two battalions of the 167th Infantry assisted by the 168th Infantry on the left, with
the greatest courage and most severe losses, seized Croix Rouge Farm on the point
of the bayonet. The unexpectedness and violence, and the difficulty of this vital
operation cannot be overestimated; the gallantry and courage of the assaulting
troops has never been excelled in the Rainbow's history."

Having suffered 616 killed in action and more than a thousand wounded
during World War I, the 167th returned to this station on May 12, 1919.They were celebrated as the "Immortals" by the largest crowd ever to assemble
on the grounds of the State Capitol.

Colonel William Preston Screws, a native of Montgomery and a regular
army officer, organized, trained and led the regiment in combat in World War I.

The United States
World War One
Centennial Commission.

(Rear small dedication plaque)

Dedicated on August 28, 2017,
the Centennial of the 167th United States Infantry Regiment of
the Rainbow Division leaving this Union Station destined for France.

This sculpture is a gift from the Croix Rouge Farm Memorial Foundation to the city of
Montgomery through the generosity of Nimrod Thompson Frazer, Silver Star, whose
father Sergeant William Johnson Frazer was a Purple Heart veteran of the 167th Infantry
Regiment and served in France with the regiment throughout World War One.

2017 by the Croix Rouge Farm Memorial Foundation and Nimrod Thompson Frazer.

Photographs of the marker can be found on HMDB.org

End of Rainbow Soldier