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Original Falkville Town Hall Building

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Morgan
Waymark: None


Side 1:
According to a bronze plaque located on the east side of the building, the original town hall was built from 1936-1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The two-story brick structure was one of the earliest projects in Morgan County. The building's cornerstone lists mayor E.L.Drinkard and Alsermen l.E.Brown, J.L.Rowe, D.S.Sivley, and j.W.Tomlinson. The town clerk was v.O.Clark and the town policeman was Dan P.Ryan. The first floor housed the town jail and the town's Fire Fighting equipment. Located on the second floor was the mayor's office and the police station. Currently, the building is home to the Falkville Public Library.

Homecoming 2010 Committee: Rhona Howell Summerford, Vernon Ayre, and councilman Matt Stiles.

Side 2:
The Falkville water tower has been a landmark since it was built (1935-1936). As a part of a major waterworks project, it brought fresh drinking water to the citizens of Falkville. The project cost of $45,000 was made possible by a grant of $20,000 through the U.S.Public Works Administration. The balance was paid by a 30-year bond secured by the town and repaid by revenues of the water department. A large filtering facility was also a part of the project. The water tower was placed out-of-service in 2004.

End of Original Falkville Town Hall Building