Historic Markers Across Alabama


Marker ID: ABT 
County: Morgan
Waymark: None


Somerville was incorporated in 1819, the same year in which Alabama became the 22nd state in the Union. It was the county seat from 1819 until 1891. Somerville was named after Lt. Robert Summerville who was killed in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814. During the Civil War, documentation shows that Somerville was briefly invaded by the Seventy-Third Indiana Infantry. Throughout the 19th century, this small town thrived as host to a cabinetmaker's shop, post office, cotton gin, law office and a variety of local stores. Travelers could stay at the Somerville Inn or the Stuart Hotel. Students could pursue higher education at the Somerville Male Academy or Morgan County College. The historic Somerville Courthouse was established in 1837 and is currently the oldest, original standing courthouse in the state of Alabama. On December first, 1955, the town government was reorganized to be governed by a mayor and town council.

End of Somerville