Historic Markers Across Alabama

King's Store Skirmish / Lanier's Mill Skirmish

Marker ID: AHA 
County: Pickens
Waymark: None


King's Store Skirmish

On April 6, 1865, near this site, Confederate forces from Carrollton and Bridgeville attacked a unit of Brig. Gen. John T. Croxton's Union forces under Capt. William A. Sutherland. Union forces were compelled to abandon 37 Confederate prisoners earlier captured. Union reporters counted one mortally wounded and another taken prisoner. No Confederate casualties were documented. Unable to rejoin Gen. Croxton as ordered, Capt. Sutherland and his 6th Kentucky Cavalry marched on to Decatur.

Lanier's Mill Skirmish

On April 6, 1865, near this site on the Sipsey River, Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's Confederate forces, under Brig. Gen. Wirt Adams, met Union forces under Brig. Gen. John Croxton . Union forces numbering 1,500 men, having burned the 3-story brick mill and resumed their march, were attacked by an equal number of Confederate forces. Gen. Adams reported his losses as 9 killed and 25 wounded and estimated Union losses as 75 killed or captured. Confederates took 2 Union ambulances and personal baggage of Gen. Croxton, who was forced back to Tuscaloosa. On May 4, when he surrendered, Gen. Adams received this communication from Col. George Moorman of his command: "Should the war cease now you would have the honor of having won the last victory on the Confederate soil and in the Confederate cause." The Confederate charge which took place here was the last cavalry charge in the War Between the States.

End of King's Store Skirmish / Lanier's Mill Skirmish