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Town of Wilton

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: On Depot Street near Church Street, Wilton, AL
County: Shelby
Coordinates: N 33° 04.760    W 086° 53.012
  33.07933333    -86.88353333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMMA82


Side 1:
Officially incorporated on April 30th, 1918, Wilton, a once prominent railroad town now sits nestled quietly in the southwest corner of Shelby County. Founding members were as follows: L. McMillen, L.W. Irwin, O. H. Bice, John Westley Little, Sam Vest, L. Cochran, and O. L. Hitchcook. The first town hall burned and many early records were lost, however later council members reenacted some of the first ordinances to replace those burned in the fire. In 1934 the Civil Works Administration built the current town hall were it stands today. Wilton had three churches: the Methodist Church on Church Street, Bible Baptist on Shoal Creek and the Baptist Church on Highway 25. There were several businesses in town ranging from general stores, barbecue restaurants, to the Wilton Garage. The most memorable was perhaps the two hotels that were kept busy from the passing trains. Wilton's post office was established on May 26th, 1892, with it serving as both mail service and an informal communication center.

Side 2:
Wilton had two schools with the first one being located in the Methodist Church. The second one was located in a separate building on an isolated hill behind the residence of T. C. Poole until it burned in the summer of 1939. No school was ever rebuilt after the fire. There were many things to do in Wilton like marble-shooting, fellowshiping at local singings, or even joining the boy scouts but the most enjoyable and rememberable was perhaps the meeting of the trains at the depot station. Many times you could see kids and even grown-ups dressed up to meet the 4:00 O'clock train. Though times have changed, you can still hear the occasional bump of the trains switching at the local station. From"Woods” to"Birmingham Junction”,"Bismark” to present day, Wilton now has traded its passenger trains and busy street life to settle down along a quite strip of highway 25 with only fond memories of the life that has slipped away with time.

End of Town of Wilton