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Historic Stillman House 1870s

Marker ID: AHC 
County: Tuscaloosa
Waymark: None


Dr. Charles Allen Stillman rented property at two separate locations before purchasing this house for Stillman College (then Stillman Institute) in 1881. The house was divided into two large classrooms, one small classroom, and a fourth small room that served as a library. The college remained at this location nearly 16 years [1881-1897], serving as a training site for African-American Presbyterian ministers from all over the South. Dr. William H. Sheppard, an 1887 graduate of Stillman College for whom the college library is named, completed his studies at this location. One hundred years later in 1981, the Stillman House was restored to reflect its original vernacular Victorian cottage architecture with Eastlake detailing. In 1982, the City of Tuscaloosa deeded it to the National Alumni Association of Stillman College, Incorporated. The Stillman House is the oldest existing historic building representing the college's early period of development.

The house is included in the Druid City Historic District listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

End of Historic Stillman House 1870s