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Romulus, Alabama

Marker ID: ABT 
County: Tuscaloosa
Waymark: None


Side 1:
Romulus is located in southwest Tuscaloosa County in parts of Township 21S, Range 11W, Township 22S, Range 11W, Township 21S, Range 12W, and Township 22S, Range 12W. It's found on the Bradford Maps in 1835 and 1938 making it one of the oldest communities in Tuscaloosa County. Population in 1880 was almost 700, in 1900 almost 800.

The name was believed taken from Romulus and Remus, twin brothers in Roman mythology raised by a female wolf, who founded the city of Rome. Romulus was considered by Romans to be their first king.
Great varieties of Indian artifacts found along the rivers and creeks makes certain this area was home to large Indian communities.

Early census records show farming was the principle occupation. By 1831 John Sanders Ferry was operating across the Black Warrior River.

First Post office established in Romulus on May 30, 1835, John Sanders postmaster. New Hope Baptist Church established 1839. Romulus Methodist established 1867, Holly Springs-1936, Piney Grove-1943, and Washington Temple-1955. All churches are still serving.

Side 2:
Romulus had a telephone system, numerous stores, planer mill, pottery mills, grist mills, cotton gins. Sipsey Valley Lumber Company had a store, commissary, and a hotel along"The Dinky Railroad Lines.”
Schools in 1800's: Middle School, located in the middle of Romulus later burned and was called"Burnt School,” Park School, Round Top School, Franklin School.

Schools in 1900's: Eli Patrich School, Elberta School, Old Romulus School was two-story, later replaced with a single story wood frame building, operating through May 1965. Romulus School had grades first through eighth: one room each for first-third, fourth-sixth, and seventh-eighth. Grades ninth-twelfth were bussed to Tuscaloosa County High School in Northport.

A water tank on Hamp Mountain, Romulus Fire Station, and Civil War Historic Marker"The Running Skirmish at Romulus,” intersection of Romulus and Gainsville Roads. Dorroh Trap Museum on Dorroh Road and Clayton Telephone Museum on John Clayton Road. Sipsey Valley High - Middle School on Romulus and Boothtown roads.

Romulus -"proud of our past, excited about our future.”

End of Romulus, Alabama