Historic Markers Across Alabama

Carl Atwood Elliott

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Jasper, AL
County: Walker
Waymark: None


Carl Atwood Elliott
Congressman, Lawyer, Historian

A lifelong champion of universal access to education, Carl Elliott (1913-1999) served eight terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1949-65), and ran for Governor of Alabama in 1966. Elliott's Library Services Act of 1956 brought books to countless readers in America's rural counties. His National Defense Education Act of 1958 enabled millions of needy students to attend college. Born in Franklin County, Elliott graduated from the University of Alabama, where he was elected President of the Student Government Association for 1935-36, earned his law degree, and received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1972. From 1945 Elliott and his family lived in the nearby home, where Elliott compiled the five-volume Annals of North Alabama, co-authored The Cost of Courage: The Journey of an American Congressman, and practiced law. In 1990 Elliott was honored by the first John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

End of Carl Atwood Elliott