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Kansas Veterans Memorial Park

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Kansas, AL
County: Walker
Waymark: None


Side 1:
On Saturday May 1st, 2010 this little town (population of 260) gets together to Celebrate with and annual festival called "KANSAS DAY" started in 1998.

Kansas Day is held at "Veterans Memorial Park" with live music, crafts, cake Walk, auction, food and loads of family fun. Admission is free. All proceeds from this event are donated to renovation and upkeep of the park.

The park has a monument honoring and remembering those who have died in wars from the town of Kansas. It has on display the original town firetruck for 1946.

The date for Kansas is always the Saturday "before" decoration day of Shiloh Cemetery in Kansas (which is the first Sunday in May). Shiloh Cemetery oldest known marked grave is 1848.

Decoration Day brings many homefolks back home to remember those loved ones that have passed on. It also reunites family and friends for a yearly celebration.

Side 2:
The first recorded land owner was James Tittle on November 28, 1822;second, John Hellums, on October 20, 1823; third, Ashley Aldridge on September 10, 1838. All these made up the Town of Kansas.

The first Postmaster noted was Frank Gamba in 1855.

In 1865 a union officer named General Wilson camped with his troops in Haley Bottoms (located in Kansas town limits). He sent his scouts to raid for food to feed his troops and animals. They raided surrounding areas and traveled to Jasper, Alabama and burned the courthouse.

In 1917, a tornado destroyed much of Kansas and Carbon Hill. Numerous people were killed and tremendous damage was done to homes and businesses.

In 1961, another tornado destroyed the Kansas School, this property is where our Veterans Memorial Park is located.
Walker County

End of Kansas Veterans Memorial Park