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Jacob Pruet's Stand

Marker ID: AHC 
Location: Haleyville, AL
County: Winston
Waymark: None


Jacob Pruiet's Stand (tavern) was a popular stopping place on the Byler road in the 1830's and 1840's. A two-story poplar log structure with four twenty-foot rooms per floor, it was located near a large spring and netted a handsome profit, as most of the hogs and cattle driven to South Alabama passed this way. Pruiet was one of the "Free State's" earliest and most colorful settlers. He purchased the land in 1825 from Richard McMahon, the first land owner in what became Winston County. Pruiet was a veteran of the American Revolution and the War of 1812 as well as a planter, land speculator, tavern owner, investor in roads and philanthropist.

Erected 1976 by the Winston County Board of Revenue)

End of Jacob Pruet's Stand