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Arley, Alabama

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Location: on County Route 41, Arley, Alabama
County: Winston
Coordinates: N 34° 4.781    W 087° 12.761
  34.07968333    -87.21268333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Arley, Alabama
Deep in the heart of
The Free State of Winston

On January 11, 1861 the State of Alabama seceded from the Union. Deeply perturbed, the people of Winston County held a political convention on July 4, 1861 at Looney's Tavern, near Addison. A resolution was adopted to the effect that Alabama had no right to secede from the Union; but if she did have such right, then Winston County had the same right to secede from Alabama. Uncle Dick Payne, a Confederate sympathizer, remarked,"Oh, oh, Winston secedes! The Free State of Winston!' Winston did not secede, but ever after she has been beloved of her sons and daughters and fondly known as"The Free State of Winston”.

Erected 1978 by The Arley Community Historical Association.

End of Arley, Alabama