Duval County (15)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Duval County was created on 1822.

The county seat is in Jacksonville, FL.,
and the county is 774  Square Miles in area.

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There are 100 Historic Markers in Duval County.

1901 Jacksonville Fire   -   FLHM F-433
  Hemming Plaza on West DuVal Street near N Hogan Street, Jacksonville, FL      

1914 United Confederate Veterans Reunion   -    
  on Main Street N (State Route 5) (U.S. 1), between Orange Street and Phelps Street, Jacksonville, FL      

1960 Civil Rights Demonstration   -   FLHM F-463
  Hemming Square, Downtown Jacksonville WM3TRZ      

Abraham Lincoln Lewis Mausoleum   -   FLHM F-44
  Moncrief Road, Downtown Jacksonville WM3V1Z      

American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps and Station   -   FLHM F-758
  2 Ocean Front N, Jacksonville Bch, FL WMMJZ1      

American Revolutionary War Battle of Thomas Creek May 17, 1777   -   FLHM F-827
  on the north side of Arnold Rd in the Seaton Creek Historic Preserve, Jacksonville, FL WMQ44C      

Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley Chesterfield Plantation   -    
  on the grounds of the Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL. WM8G1A      

Arlington - A Unique Community   -    
  on the grounds of the Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL. WM8G1V      

Arthur G. Penman   -    
  In the Warren Smith Cemetery on Penman Rd, Jacksonville Beach, FL WMJ5ZG      

Beaches Museum Chapel   -    
  381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL WMRTNA      

Camp Capt. Mooney Cemetery   -   UDC 
  On Ernona St, Jacksonville, FL WMJ4JC      

Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery   -   UDC 
  On Ernona St, Jacksonville, FL WMJ4JD      

Camp Site of the Forty-Ninth Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry   -    
  on Main Street N (State Route 5) (U.S. 1), between Orange Street and Phelps Street, Jacksonville, FL WMJ7GW      

Centennial Hall Edward Waters College   -   FLHM F-790
  US 23 (Kings Rd) west of downtown Jacksonville, FL WMQ44B      

Church of our Savior (Episcopal)   -   FLHM 
  12223 Mandarin Road, Jacksonville, FL      

Combat Team Camp Atlantic Beach   -   FLHM F-917
  at the intersection of Plaza Dr and Seminole Rd, Atlantic Beach, FL WMXT27      

Delius House   -    
  On Dolphin Dr, Jacksonville, FL WMJN41      

Don Pedro Menendez De Aviles   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  on entrance pillar to Memorial Park, Riverside Avenue and Memorial Park Drive, Jacksonville. WMJ7GH      

Doolittle's 1922 Record Flight   -   FLHM F- 293
  on Beach Boulevard (U.S. 90) near N 5th Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Duval County   -    
  On E bay St west of N Liberty St, Jacksonville, FL WMJ7GK      

Duval County's First Court   -   FLHM F-150
  Bay Street and Liberty St in Jacksonville, FL WMQP0K      

First Settlers at Ruby, Florida   -   FLHM 
  on Beach Boulevard (U.S. 90) near N 4th Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Florida Pharmacy Association 1887-1987   -    
  Main Street N near E Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL WMKH7N      

Florida's First African-American Insurance Company--1901-2001   -   FLHM F-436
  On E Union St at Ocean St, Jacksonville, FL WM3JGW      

Fort George Island   -   FLHM F-271
  off S.R. A1A, State Cultural Site. WM7N2X      

Fort Hatch   -   FLHM F-971
  at Adams St and Davis St., Jacksonville, FL WMXRWG      

Frederick W. Bruce   -    
  Bruce Park, Arlington Rd at Rogero Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMPTDP      

French Huguenots in North America   -    
  n FL A1A on the Mayport Side of the ferry across the St. Johns River, Atlantic Beach, FL WMYQPR      

Harriet Beecher Stowe Home   -   FLHM F-40
  Mandarin Road 1.6 miles west of SR 13.      

Historic Floral Bluff   -    
  Floral Bluff Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMPX5Z      

Historic Gilmore Community   -    
  at the intersection of Ft. Caroline Rd and Eveross Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMQQX2      

Historic King's Road British East Florida   -    
  by the Friendship Fountain, Main St S at Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida. WM3DFR      

Historic Old Mayport Cemetery   -    
  On Broad St, Macclenny, FL WMNXH1      

Historic Strawberry Plantation   -    
  Intersection of Nobel Cir and Magnolia Bluff Ave, Jacksonville, FL WMPX5V      

J.P. Small Memorial Park   -    
  at the intersection of Myrtle Ave and 7th St, Jacksonville, FL WMJKYZ      

Jacksonville and the Movie Industry   -    
  Arlington Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMPTDT      

James Edwin Craig   -    
  at the end of Aviation Dr, Craig Airport, Jacksonville, FL WMWYB9      

James Hall   -   DAR 
  On Brady Rd near Mandarin Rd, Jacksonville, FL ‎ WMJ95V      

James Hall-Soldier of the Revolution / James Hall-Doctor of Medicine   -   FLHM 
  Lomax Street.      

Jean Ribaut and the Huguenots   -    
  on Ft George Rd at Florida A1A WM5KTC      

Jessie Ball duPont Park-Jacksonville's Favorite Oak   -    
  I Treaty Oak Park on Prudential Dr at Main St, Jacksonville, FL WMM3FC      

Jessie Ball duPont Park-Urban Trees   -    
  in Treaty Oak Park on Prudential Dr at Main St, Jacksonville, FL WMM3F8      

Joeseph E. Lee   -   FLHM 
  1424 E.17th St., the Joeseph E. Lee Child Develop      

John Milton Bryan Simpson   -    
  on N Hogan Street, between W Monroe Street and W Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL WMQATW      

Kings Road Meets Apalache Trail   -    
  Hemming Plaza at W Duval St and Laura St, Jacksonville, FL WM8XYX      

Lewis Hogans' Cabin   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  on the Atlantic Bank Building on Hogan Street near Forsyth Street, Jacksonville      

Line Of Intrenchments   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  Southwest comer of Union Railroad Station, Jacksonville      

Mayport Depot   -    
  381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL WMRTNA      

Millers Creek   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  Atlantic Boulevard at Mayfair. Road, east of Miller's Creek Bridge, Jacksonville, FL      

Mother Midway A.M.E. Church   -   FLHM F-260
  1462 Van Buren Street in Springfield.      

Mulberry Grove Plantation   -   FLHM F-228
  on Mustin Rd, Jacksonville Naval Air Station. WM60EA      

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward/Pilot Town   -   FLHM F-815
  FL A1A (Heckscher Dr.), SW of Ft. George Rd. on Ft George Island, FL WMNPMX      

Norman Silent Film Studios   -    
  Arlington Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMPTDR      

Oesterreicher-McCormick Homestead   -    
  381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Old Brewster Hospital   -   FLHM F-742
  915 W Monroe St, Jacksonville, FL WMMJZ3      

Old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Home 1893-1938   -    
  in the Old City Cemetery On N Washington St, Jacksonville, FL WM46R7      

Old Philips Congregational Church   -    
  3349 St Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL      

Oriental Gardens   -   FLHM F-744
  Along SR 13 in the San Marco area south of Jacksonville's downtown WMP5MH      

Ortega's Most Famous Resident   -    
  on McGirts Blvd at Cherokee Ave in park. Jacksonville, FL WMXT2B      

Ossachite   -    
  northwest corner of Monroe St and Julia St, Jacksonville, FL WMXRWE      

Pablo Beach FEC Foreman's House   -    
  381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Pablo Beach Post Office   -    
  381 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Philips ~ Craig Swamp Cemetery   -    
  on St. Augustine Road near Lorimier Road, Jacksonville, FL      

Pilot Town/Napoleon Bonaparte Broward   -   FLHM F-819
  9954 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL      

Porter Wood Burning Locomotive   -    
  on Beach Boulevard (U.S. 90), between North 4th Street and North 5th Street, Jacksonville Beach, FL      

Ribault Monument   -   DAR 
  Fort Caroline National Memorial, 10 miles east of Jacksonville on Fort Caroline Road      

Riverside Avondale Historic District   -    
  at the intersection of Edgewood Ave and Ola St., Jacksonville, FL WMJJVN      

San Marco   -   FLHM F-776
  in a small city park on San Marco Blvd at Balis Pl, Jacksonville, FL WMM27Q      

Sawpit Bluff Plantation   -   FLHM F-842
  off Sawpit Rd in Black Hammock Island Park, Jacksonville, FL WMQCBG      

Second Missionary Baptist Church of LaVilla   -   FLHM F-919
  954 Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL WMV5YC      

Seminole War Blockhouse Site   -    
  On Monroe St at Ocean St, Jacksonville, FL WMJ7GG      

Sinking of the Maple Leaf   -   FLHM F-464
  North Bank Riverwalk at the foot of Hogan Street      

Site of Blockhouse   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  on northeast corner of Monroe and Ocean Streets, Jacksonville      

Site of Cow Ford   -   FLHM F-66
  Bay Street on grounds of Courthouse. WM38ET      

Site of Mission of San Juan del Puerto (St. John of the Port).   -   FLHM F-211
  on Edgewood Dr, Fort George Island. WM7N33      

Site of Ossachite   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  At post office, comer Monroe and Julia Streets, Jacksonville      

Site of the Mission of San Juan Del Puerto   -   FLHM F-211
  Fort George Island, Palmetto Avenue.      

Soldiers of the American Revolution - associated with Jacksonville's History   -    
  Riverwalk, on the south bank of the St. John's River, in front of the Wachovia Building WM46R7      

South Jacksonville City Hall   -   FLHM F-775
  near the intersection of Cedar St and Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL WMJKN7      

SS Gulf America   -   FLHM F-541
  11 N. 3rd St., Jacksonville, FL      

St. George Episcopal Church   -   FLHM F-544
  on Fort George Road, Ft. George Island      

St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church   -   FLHM F-853
  in the parking lot of Florida State College on the east side of Broad St., Jacksonville, FL WMQP0Q      

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church and Cemetery   -   FLHM F-928
  6874 Old Church Rd, Fleming Island, FL WMXRYW      

St. Nicholas Cemetery   -   FLHM F-807
  inside the St. Nicholas Cemetery on Beach Blvd near Carmichael, Jacksonville, FL WMNWZX      

The Beginning   -   FLHM F-149
  Bay Street on City Hall grounds.      

The Coleman House   -    
  Center Street South in Baldwin, FL WMRTNA      

The Continental Hotel Site   -   FLHM F-953
  10 10th St, Atlantic Beach, FL WMXT28      

The Crossroads   -    
  On Arlington Rd just west of University Blvd, Jacksonville, FL WMMQ31      

The Great Endurance Run   -    
  near the corner of Ocean and E. Adams, Jacksonville, FL WM4EBR      

The Huguenot Memorial Site   -   FLHM F-138
  U.S. Highway A1A at Mayport Naval Air Station.      

The Island of Ortega   -    
  On Ortega Blvd, Jacksonville, FL WM34X2      

The Jacksonville, Mayport and Pablo Railroad   -    
  near the intersection of Arington Rd and Marcheck St., Jacksonville, FL WMJKWR      

The Kings Road - Florida's First Highway   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  At Kings Trail Elementary School, 7401 Old Kings Road, South, Jacksonville.      

The Mungen House   -   FLHM F-508
  545 Jessie St. WM3TJB      

The St. Johns River - A River Of Many Names   -   Jacksonville H.S. 
  Near river bank at Friendship Park, Jacksonville.      

United States Railroad Administration Locomotive   -    
  behind the original Jacksonville Union Terminal, now the Prime Osborne Convention Center, Jacksonville, FL      

Van Zant House   -   FLHM F-905
  5419 Woodcrest Rd, Jacksonville, FL WMYQHV      

Villa Alexandria   -   FLHM F-777
  In the median of River Rd at Arbor Ln, Jacksonville, FL WMNTN1      

World War II-Operation Pastorius / St. Johns County   -   FLHM F-326
  C.R. 203, in front of Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. WM47RV      

Yellow Bluff Fort Monument   -   UDC 
  About 9 miles east of 1-95 on S.R. I05, Jacksonville WM8Y3K      


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R  - The marker has been removed.