Escambia County (16)

Historic Markers Across Florida


Escambia County was created on 1821.

The county seat is in Pensacola, FL.,
and the county is 664  Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 12033

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There are 84 Historic Markers in Escambia County.

19th Century Well   -    
  near the visitors center for the Pensacola lighthouse on board NAS Pensacola, FL WMX82R      

A Port with Promise   -    
  211 Bayfront Pkwy, Pensacola, FL      

Alexander McGillivray 1751-1793   -    
  Next to Judicial Building, Pensacola      

Alger Railroad/ Century, Florida   -   FLHM F-157
  on U.S. 29 at Hecker Rd. in wayside park      

Alger-Sullivan Lumber Company Residential Historic District   -   FLHM F-988
  on Front St, Century, FL WMY87F      

Battery 234   -    
  Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze, FL WMX894      

Battery Cooper   -    
  Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze, FL WMX896      

Battery Langdon   -    
  Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze, FL WMX895      

Battery Worth   -    
  Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze, FL WMX893      

Battle of Pensacola - March 9 to May 8, 1781   -    
  the intersection of West La Rua Street, Pensacola, FL      

Brownsville Community   -   FLHM 

Brownsville Community   -   FLHM F-428
  at the intersection of West Cervantes St (U.S. 90) and North T St, Pensacola, FL WMVA3W      

Cannons of Ft. Pickens   -   FLHM 
  Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens      

Cantonment   -    
  intersection of Pensacola Blvd (FL 29) and Muscogee Rd (County Route 184), Cantonment, FL WMY87G      

Captain Richard G. Bradford   -   FLHM 
  Fort Pickens      

Carriage House   -    
  near the visitors center for the Pensacola lighthouse on board NAS Pensacola, FL WMX82N      

Chase Street   -    
  on Chase Street at Palafox Street, Pensacol      

Chasefield Plantation Cemetery   -    
  Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze, FL WMX897      

Christ Church   -   FLHM 
  South Adams Street      

Christ Church   -    
  405 South Adams Street, Pensacola, FL      

Christ Episcopal Church   -   FLHM F-445
  18 West Wright Street, Pensacola, FL WMKCRX      

Church of the Sacred Heart   -   FLHM F-762
  716 North 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL WMVA3W      

City Of Five Flags   -    
  on Palafox Wharf, Pensacola      

Colonial Archaeological Trail-Historic Pensacola Village   -    
  in Plaza Ferdinand in downtown Pensacola, FL WMPZ8J      

Colonial Pensacola - Archaeology Brings History to Life   -    
  330 South Jefferson Street, Pensacola, FL      

Emanuel Point Shipwrecks / Los Naufragios de Emanuel Point - Pensacola, FL   -   FLHM F-871
  Pensacola Area Convention & Visitor's Information Center & wayside park just north of the Pensacola Bay bridge, Pensacola, FL WMVA3W      

Firefighter Vista S. Lowe   -    
  409 East Zarragossa Street, Pensacola, FL WMKB60      

First Jewish House of Worship in Florida   -   FLHM F-435
  East Chase Street 0.1 miles east of North Jefferson Street, Pensacola, FL WMKCRR      

First Methodist Church   -    
  At 6 East Wright St., Pensacola      

First Pensacola   -   FLHM F-400
  Slemmer Ave near Ft. Barrancas in Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL WMY8MN      

First Public School Building   -    
  on north side of Wright Street between Guillemarde and Tarragona Streets, Pensacola      

First Telephone Exchange   -    
  on Government Street at Palafox Street, Pensacola.      

Fort Barrancas   -    
  At Pensacola Naval Air Station.      

Fort George   -    
  At Palafox and Jackson Streets, Pensacola.      

Fort San Bernardo   -    
  At Brainerd and Spring Streets, Pensacola WMKB58      

Frascati   -    
  Located at east end of Gregory Street, near Pensacola Bay. WMKB5K      

Garden Street (La Calle Jardin)   -    
  on west parkway at Garden and Palafox Streets, Pensacola. WMKCR3      

Gen. Andrew Jackson Residence   -    
  Palaford Pl. at E. Intendencia St, Pensacola, FL WMKMT1      

Geronimo   -    
  Temporarily located on Palafox Wharf, Pensacola      

Governor Perry Home   -    
  in northeast corner of Wright and Palafox Streets, Pensacola      

Hawkshaw   -   FLHM F-313
  on South 10th Ave., grounds of Gulf Power      

Historic John the Baptist Church   -   FLHM F-692
  101 North 10th Avenue, Pensacola, FL WMKCRP      

Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill   -   FLHM F-412
  at the intersection of Scenic Highway (U.S. 90) and Langley Avenue, Pensacola, FL      

Indian Village Site (ES-2)   -   FLHM 
  archaeological site 8ES2      

Indian Village Site (ES-5)   -   FLHM 

John Wesley Hardin   -    
  S Tarragona St at East Government Street, Pensacola, FL WMND38      

Kupfrian's Park   -   FLHM F-732
  1717 West Avery Street, Pensacola, FL WMKB68      

Luna Expedition   -    
  at Plaza de Luna park on the Palafox Pier, near the De Luna Statue, Pensacola, FL      

Made Land   -    
  on Palafox Wharf, Pensacola      

Morrison Family Homestead   -   FLHM F-914
  107 West Gregory Street, Pensacola, FL WMVA3W      

North Hill Preservation District   -   FLHM F-454
  In Alabama Square, between W Desoto St and W Gonzalez St, Pensacola, FL WMKB6E      

Original Site of First Baptist Church Pensacola, Florida   -    
  224 East Government Street, Pensacola, FL      

Original Site of Pensacola Junior College   -   FLHM F-710
  710 North Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL WMKCRK      

Palafox Street   -   Pensacola H.S. 
  on north parkway at Garden and Palafox Streets, Pensacola.      

Panton Trading Post   -    
  Located at Palafox and Main Streets, Pensacola      

Pelicans In Paradise   -    
  is at the intersection of S. Blue Angels Pkwy. and San Carlos Rd, Pensacola, FL      

Pensacola - City of Fiesta of Five Flags   -    
  At Municipal Airport, Pensacola.      

Pensacola - Cradle of Naval Aviation   -    
  Located at Municipal Airport, Pensacola.      

Pensacola Lighthouse   -    
  2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL      

Pensacola Lunch Counter Sit-Ins   -   FLHM F-881
  1 South Palafox St, Pensacola FL WMVA3W      

Pensacola Navy Yard - Established In 1825   -   FLHM 
  U.S. 98 West, Pensacola Navy Yard      

Pensacola's First Lighthouse   -    
  3875 Radford Blvd., Pensacola, FL      

Pioneer Hole   -    
  Park Avenue and 4th Street West, Boca Grande, FL WMZ9XY      

Plaza Ferdinand VII   -   Pensacola H.S. 
  on Palafox, midway between Government and Zarragosa Streets, Pensacola.      

Rough Riders   -   Pensacola H.S. 
  on Wright Street at Tarragona Street, Pensacola. WMKB63      

Site of Panton-Leslie & Co's Indian Trading Post   -   Pensacola H.S. 
  In storage at the Transportation Museum, Tarragona & Zarragosa Streets, Pensacola      

Site of Pensacola Opera House   -   Pensacola H.S. 
  on Jefferson Street near City Hall, Pensacola.      

Site of the First Methodist Church of Pensacola/Site of the San Carlos Hotel   -   FLHM F-352
  Pensacola, NE corner of Palafox Street and Garden WMKCRZ      

St. Joseph Catholic Church   -   FLHM F-697
  140 West Government Street, Pensacola, FL WMKJA4      

St. Michael's Cemetery   -    
  on Alcaniz near Garden Street, Pensacola      

St. Michael's Church   -    
  At Palafox and Chase Streets, Pensacola      

The Commanding Officer's Compound   -    
  330 South Jefferson Street, Pensacola, FL      

The Cradle of Naval Aviation   -    
  1750 Radford Blvd., Pensacola FL      

The End of the Colonial Era in Florida   -    
  330 South Jefferson Street, Pensacola, FL      

The National Flight Academy   -    
  1750 Radford Blvd., Pensacola FL      

Trader Jon's   -   FLHM F-334
  South Palafox and Main Street      

USCGC Sebago (WPG/WHEC 42)   -   FLHM F-843
  South Palafox St just south of South Jefferson St, Pensacola, FL WMVA3W      

USS Antietam (CV-36) Anchor   -    
  1750 Radford Blvd., Pensacola FL      

USS Essex (CV-9) Anchor   -    
  1750 Radford Blvd., Pensacola FL      

Vacaria Baja   -    
  on Palafox Highway-U.S. 29-Cantonment WMKB5R   

Wentworth Monument T. T. Wentworth, Jr.   -    
  on Palafox Street, Pensacola.      

William Bartram Trail   -    
  1000 South Pace Blvd, Pensacola FL      

William Dudley Chipley   -    
  in Plaza Ferdinand in downtown Pensacola, FL WMPZ90      

Wright Street   -    
  on Palafox Parkway at Wright Street, Pensacola      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.